The allure of getting married in another state is tempting, especially if you have a personal connection to a particular place. That being said, it’s important to consider the difficulties you may encounter as you start to plan your wedding.

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In today’s post, we will give you five tips to help relieve your stress about planning a wedding in another state. Continue reading below, and don’t forget to visit License To Wed if you’re planning to get married in the sunny state of Florida!

Research Your Destination

Research is an important step in all wedding planning, regardless of where your ceremony will take place. That being said, once you know the specific location, it’s important to do some research to see what vendors are recommended for the area of your choice. Read reviews or ask family members who live in the area. It’s a good idea to have at least some indication about which vendors in the area that you would be interested in hiring for your big day.

Hire A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner will be a great asset when it comes to figuring out the most specific details of your event. While you may consider hiring a wedding planner you can meet with in person, in order to get the most out of your wedding and receive the best deal on vendors, it’s best to hire a wedding planner who is familiar with the area where you plan on getting married.

From cakes and catering to musical entertainment, wedding planners have connections with all the best wedding vendors, meaning he or she will more often than not be able to get you great deals and save you some money! A wedding planner will also provide you with an unbiased opinion about certain details and possibly some new ideas that you never even considered!

Buy Big-Ticket Items Locally

When you buy your dress or your wedding bands, you may need to go back to the store and try them on or get alterations, which is why these items should be purchased locally. For example, if you purchase your dress in the state where you’re getting married, you will either need to drive to that state for every alteration or you run the risk of having a dress that doesn’t fit correctly and not enough time to fix it. It’s best to purchase your dress or wedding rings in an area that you can travel to quickly and easily.

Time To Meet With Vendors

As your big day approaches, it’s a good idea to make sure you have some time set aside so you can meet and approve any necessary vendors. Depending on how much time you allow, it may not be possible to meet with every vendor that you hired. However, there may be some vendors, such as the caterer, that you would like to meet with in person. It’s best to not wait until the last minute to meet with any vendors, as you don’t want to be in a time crunch should you need to find someone else.

Finalize Marriage Documents Ahead Of Time

Many couples who get married out-of-state will spend the first couple days before their wedding going to the courthouse and finalizing their marriage documents. This process can be stressful, and the last thing you will want is to be overly stressed before your wedding.

If you plan on getting married in Florida, License To Wed gives you the option of receiving your marriage documents in the mail! As your Top Rated Local® wedding license company, we provide you with the convenience of crossing your marriage documents off your list before you even get to Florida. Visit our website to learn more about the process and apply for your marriage documents today!